Sunday, November 20, 2011

Wish you were mine…

I gave you as much as I could of me
You were in my thoughts and in my dreams
You captured my heart and soul
You meant the world to me.

Lying awake with my head on my pillow, so restless that I can’t sleep
I can’t endure the pain and the thoughts running deep
The thoughts of you won’t go away, no matter how hard I try
Knowing that we were meant to be together, makes me do nothing but cry.

I don’t feel like myself anymore, I feel numb, lifeless and don’t seem to care
I need you to bring me back to life, to hold you and my emotions with you to share
If only you knew what I am going through, it would crush you to pieces
The pain I feel inside has been lingering, and it seems like it never ceases.

I need to get myself back to the way I used to be, what they call a “Normal” life
Still buried are those days when I was carefree, loving and full of life
Its hard to say goodbye, so with a fake smile I try move on to make things fine,
Wishing in my next life I would be your lover and wish you would be mine.


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A letter to my beloved…

Dear Cindy, 
             Being recruited for this job was the best thing that has happened to my life lately. It brought me close to you. I am so much myself when I am with you. I cherish every moment I spend with you. Things that you do when you are with me, I love every bit of them. The way you pinch me, beat me and then give a bright yet naughty smile just makes my day. 

       I know, at times I am rude with you and I do hurt you, but doing that hurts me more than it does to you. I know I have not been able to be the perfect boyfriend, but you are perfect for me in every aspect.  May be I have not been able to express my love towards you the way you always want me to, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love you. I know, perhaps I would never be able to love you as much as you love me, but still I love you with all my heart, with all that I have….and I promise this love for you wont ever change.

Forever yours,


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