Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Little did he know…!!

When Rohan and Priyanka looked into each other’s eyes for hours holding hands for the first time, little did Rohan know that after six years it would be so uncomfortable to look into each other’s eyes even for a fraction of a second.
The first kiss on each others lips, the endless and tender hug, roaming around the entire house with Priyanka on his back, taking her in his arms, dancing with each other to the tune of a romantic instrumental, fighting with each other and then rolling with laughter - all these came as a flashback suddenly when Rohan met Priyanka after almost three years of their break up. When they were in love, the entire world didn’t seem to have existed for them. Lost in each others thoughts and love. Every time they hugged each other, Priyanka used to murmur, “ Please never leave me Rohan, I won’t be able to live without you.” And Rohan used to reply in an assuring voice “Sweetheart, in this false world of false truths, I know only one thing true… I’d give up everything just to be with you.” Priyanka felt the safest when she was in his arms and there was no place for anyone else between them. But, now it has become an unbridgeable gap between the two of them. 
bbyePromises to see each other grow old together and innocent hearts were broken. Nothing seemed to work out, when they had to go through a phase of long distance relationship. Rohan did almost everything he could have, to never let go his love. He went to meet her almost across the country, just to make things right. Just to see that love in her eyes for him once again. He never realized that things had changed so much. Still with an everlasting hope, he kissed her saying everything would be perfect again sweetheart, before boarding his train back home…
But little did he know, that it would be the last time their lips ever touched each others, that this goodbye didn’t mean only till tomorrow, but for a lifetime…

Saturday, May 1, 2010


Sometimes I find myself in the crossroads of my life. I don’t want to get stuck in the monotonous life. I just want to escape, to escape the way I feel and all the confusion that’s in my head, I want to walk away and forget how I feel and just be free from it all...

But I know I can’t, because there is NO escape from myself!!!

Every day right from the moment I get up, I am either chasing some goal or trying to escape some responsibility; either fighting my past or struggling to shape my future.
When bad stuff happens to me, I often get discouraged, screaming inside myself saying, “why me?” I am tired of living as a debt slave. I feel like a puppet that can see his strings. I want to escape from all this.

Sometimes I am in collision with solitude, in search of myself inside my own senses.
Sometimes the space invites me upwards and a dismal shadow tries to take me to my past from which I am always trying to escape.

But I know I can’t, because there is NO escape from myself!!!

For years I have thought of escaping from myself, but in the process I found out that it’s actually the dysfunctional society that’s poisoning us both physically and emotionally which I want to escape from. I hate living in a society that is so judgemental and conformist, a society where money and greed overwhelm the need for love and peace among us.
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