Monday, February 27, 2012

Strip the Price –

“Authenticity” is the most essential criteria for sustainability and success of an online retail store. I was not quite an avid online buyer, simply because I have seen many of my friends placing an order for a product hoping it to be exactly what they see online but receiving a completely different product altogether when its shipped to them. A sense of fear was always instilled within my mind regarding the authenticity of the products shown on the websites till I was introduced by one of my friends to a new online gadget store named – The website is beautifully designed with no annoying pop-ups and is very user friendly.

Recently I bought a Sony Cybershot from Frankly speaking I wasn’t expecting them to deliver me on the date they promised me to, owing to my previous experiences with other online stores. But I was really happy and surprised to get the camera right on the day they promised with no additional shipping charges. What adds to the happiness is the product being exactly what we see in the catalogue and the option of payment on delivery. 2012-2-26 23-43-54
Zapstore provides a wide variety of electronic products ranging from high end Tablets to Pen Drives and much more. It has a very interesting concept where rather than just “Buying” a product you can “Zap” it too. Zapping is somewhat like bidding which lets you lower the price of the product below its market price. Amazing isn’t it! Yes, that’s what I felt too, when I first heard about it. Moreover when you sign-up with Zapstore, they give you 2 Zaps free. For further information they have put up a video explaining the entire concept of How to Zap / Buy?

A really unique and exciting online shopping experience is what Zapstore is all about. I am really happy with their services being one of their customers, since they are genuine and provide exactly what they show on their website. I would definitely recommend you to check out They have also provided with their registered office address and their telephone number on their website, and yes for the latest updates regarding their products and prices you can also visit them on Twitter and Facebook and stay updated.



Sunday, February 12, 2012

I love you and always will….

Holding her closely I kissed her gently on her lips
Wishing to have that kiss forever
Tears rolled down the cheek
Filled with emotions which I could never speak.

Knowing she won’t be mine anymore
I gave her a warm hug.
Kissing her on her forehead
Wishing I had her forever and gave up the world instead.


Staring at each other’s eyes, feeling so helpless
Wishing to hold every moment passing by, trying to stop time.
Had a lot of things to say
But words felt short with the feeling of us being torn away.

I bade her the last goodbye
Watching her as she walked away, and finally mixing with the crowd where I can never find her again.
I knew she was gone forever and I can see her face never again
Wish I could be with her, but she never came back in my arms ever again.


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