Sunday, July 25, 2010

My first and last love

I still remember every detail of that night. How we got in that fight. From the very first time we spoke, until I knew there was no more hope. Well this is the story about my first and last love!
my first and last love She was my everything. She was always there to wipe away my tears and support  me to fight away my fears. But now I sit alone and ask myself, why she had to leave? Didn’t she know I couldn’t live without her? Why didn’t she tell me what she was going through? I guess she did really hide it well! That night she called me. I remember every word she said. It keeps going over and over in my head.
I kept yelling at her to tell me what was going on. I told her not to do anything she knew was stupid and wrong. She told me one more time that she loved me but SHE HAD TO GO. Then there was silence on the other end of the phone. I sat there and cried until I heard the dial tone. Then I got up and ran to her house.
When I got there I saw my love just lying there, but it wasn’t her anymore. I still want to know what she did that for? It has been one year since that day, since she thought she had to go away. And here I sit on her grave, with my head down in the ground crying as my hands are going over her name.
I still love her more than ever and I can’t take this anymore. I take the pills out of my pocket and I take them one by one, until the whole thing is gone. I sit here and wait; I know it won’t be long. I sit with a smile on my face knowing all this pain will soon go away, and I will be with her to stay.
I look at her picture once more and then all of a sudden there she is. I cry happy tears knowing we will now be together forever. And no one can take her away! NOT EVER!

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