Monday, June 21, 2010

She never leaves me alone!

Someone ,
Is so possessive about me
Never leaves me isolated
In crowded areas
Accompany me always
In my solitude !

Is so concerned about me
Tempt me always
To share the unshared words with her
Because others wont comprehend
What I really mean!

When I try ,
To build relations with others
She ensures me that
They are all ordinary people
Drenched in their own self interest
Just making friendship with me .. !!

I am your truth
I am your companion

Yes, My Loneliness never leaves me alone ever!!

Saturday, June 5, 2010


Yesterday I spent the full day with my girl,
What a feeling it was to see her smile and blush,
We were two birds free to explore the skies,
It all felt so beautiful and nice.

I travelled 7 hours to meet her now,
My heart beating faster and now time was slow,
I called her and told her I am here,
The joy and excitement had to be there.

Then she came from the back to surprise me,
Wow!! More beautiful than any girl I have ever seen,
She smiled and hugged me with all the love,
The skies were celebrating the union of the doves.

Her eyes mesmerized my senses hypnotized,
Her smile was a beautiful poem unexpressed,
Her blush made a new meaning of beauty,
I was like the priest and she my Goddess-deity.

We talked all day and all night long,
Her voice was like the best ever heard song,
Her touch made me feel warm and secure,
What a feeling it was to be with my dear.

Feelings and emotions for her, hidden inside,
Further rules I couldn’t abide
I kissed her tender lips, slowly, I motioned toward her,
Holding her close to my heart.

Softly, I bring her head to mine,
Faintly whispering the only words that come to mind,
"I love you."
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