Friday, July 29, 2011

She died…so that they could live together, forever!

This is a story of Steven and Ashwini. Steven & Ashwini – two names that could never be taken together.

5 year’s ago - When Steven saw her for the first time in college, he never liked her. Neither did Ashwini like him, she thought Steven must be a big flirt and would also try to flirt with her.

Days past by and situations brought Steven and Ashwini close to each other. They got to know each other more and eventually started liking each other. They used to hang out together, watch movies and have loads of fun together. Their perception about each other changed over time and Steven though being a flirt, Ashwini started liking him. He teased her whenever he got a chance and she used to beat him up whenever he teased her. They could hardly understand when their liking had turned in to deep love for each other.

They treasured every moment they spent with each other to be very precious. Enjoyed each other’s company and the world almost seemed to have no place in between them. They were so happy with each other, but…

…these happy days and moments spent together were not meant to last forever. College days came to an end eventually and the worst part is, Ashwini was being bound by her duties to marry according to her parents’ choice and not Steven whom she loved. She knew her parents would never agree to accept Steven, so she never shared about her love relationship with her family.

2 Year’s ago - Meanwhile Steve got an affluent job in Delhi. He had to shift from his hometown to his workplace. Parting from one another was an unbearable thing, they wished no one ever had to ever undergo. Bounded by religion, cultures, family and society – they were torn apart from each other. But how can such deep love end so suddenly with sudden change of events? Ashwini made up her mind to visit Delhi to meet Steve. She succeeded in making some excuse to her parents so that she could go there.

She was very excited to see Steve once again. Both of them held each other tight in their arms when they met again after almost two months. They re-lived those precious moments with each other once again. Once again they were two happy souls forgetting about their different worlds they belong to. They stayed over a week together happily making fun of each other, fighting and then breaking into rolls of laughter. But as they knew this was not forever and this was the last time they were seeing each other, Steve waved her the last goodbye as she boarded her train.

1600 Hrs – The train bound for Mumbai met with an accident and 104 people were reported to have been killed and 46 severely injured.

A cold shiver passed through Steve’s spine and for a moment he seemed to have been numbed by the news. Ashwini’s parents searched for her everywhere, until they recognized her bag and a piece of her dress charred beside one of the window pane of the bogie. The world was never the same for Steve and Ashwini’s family…

Present - 18:45 Hrs, Monday, rainy evening somewhere in Gurgaon :

Steve – (returning from office almost drenched) Knock knock!

His wife – Coming, hold on a sec.

Steve - (after getting in) I am almost drenched in the rain, could I get a cup of coffee hun?

His wife – (smiling) Remember last Saturday, we were supposed to go for a movie and someone waited for you at home. So if you do remember, then help yourself!

Steve – (smiling) You never miss a chance hitting me with your words, do you? I guess you don’t love me anymore hun!

His wife – Oh yes! Is that what you think about the person who died just to be with you Mr. Steve?

They both smiled at each other and Steve sat down to watch the evening news as usual.


Thursday, July 7, 2011

Do what your heart says…

Every time he listened to his head he has been wrong
Who says the head is always right when it comes to love?
This time he is following his heart all the way till the end

She has not only captured his mind, but also his heart
He never has felt this sure about anyone in his life before
His heart is on fire, and his mind constantly has her at the forefront

Do what your heart says-300x300

This time he has put total trust in his heart’s decision that she is the “one”
His heart came out of its numbness due her presence in his life
Its an unique way of the heart letting him know she is worth the risk and chance

When she came in his life she changed his entire world
She is his awakening, the one that warms his heart
She breathed life into his soul and he is alive once again because of her!

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