Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Proposal…

Annie woke up early in the morning. As usual, first thing she did was checked her mobile. There was a message, “I Love You!” it read. It was from Steven. She smiled and rolled her eyes. She texted him back "I Love You too!".

On her way to the kitchen she saw a dozen red roses kept in the hall. They were beautiful. With the bouquet there was a teddy bear and a note that read "Go to the Fairy Dress Store across the street." Annie made a puzzled face and read it three times to be sure of what it said. She got ready to go to the Fairy Dress Store.

When she reached the dress store, and met the person at counter, the person smiled and said, "Oh you are here for your dress?" "I guess so!" Annie was dumbfounded.
The storekeeper returned from inside the store with a box wrapped in red. He smiled at her and handed her a note. "What's this?" Annie asked. "I'm just supposed to hand you that, girl. Have a good day" replied the storekeeper.

On her way home Annie opened the note:


I hope you like the pretty flowers I had sent. Go home and get dressed up. The car will pick you up at 5pm.

Love Steven
P.S. I love you!

Annie was unable to speak. Happy tears rolled down her eyes. What a wonderful person she had found. When she reached home she opened the box that had the dress inside. It was beautiful yellow dress. The skirt was above the knee and tasteful. She spun around in it after trying it on several times. This was just too much.
After she was ready in the evening she went downstairs and as she walked outside, a chauffer greeted her. "Good evening Ms. Annie. He opened the door for her. She stepped into the car and to her surprise Steven was sitting inside smiling at her.
"The dress looks much more beautiful now when my sweetheart wears it." he said greeting her with a kiss.
"Love you honey" she said.

He held her in his arms. She told him about her day and how sweet he'd been. As they were approaching their location Steve handed over a small rectangular box, "Oh, this is for you."
"Steve, you've done enough already". She said.
"Well open it!" he said excitedly.
Inside the box was a beautiful diamond necklace and earrings to match. They fit perfectly. The necklace was a single diamond teardrop as well that just accented the dress. "Oh, Steve, it's beautiful. Thank you so much." She kissed him long this time.
"I'm glad you like them." he smiled to himself and kissed her again.

As she stepped outside the car, she wasn’t quite sure of where they were. A gentleman met them outside. He seemed to know Steve and asked if they were ready to go. Steve put his arm around her and they followed the man. Annie could not believe it! It was a helicopter.

Will you marry me "You ready to fly?" Steve asked and gave her a wink.
"Steve!" she squealed. She'd been on many planes, but never a helicopter ride.
They got inside and buckled up. As they lifted off of the ground she noticed herself becoming surprisingly nervous. He took her hand and it made her feel warm and safe. It was time for sunset, and everything seemed magical. She said "It's beautiful"
"So are you" he said. It was hard to hear over the propellers, but she could read his lips without a problem.
"I love you." She said and they kissed.
"Can you hear me loud enough Annie? Will you marry me?" He said.
"What?" she said not sure she heard him clearly. Her eyes crinkled up. He loved when she did that.
"I said. Will you marry me Annie?" He pulled out a small box. He had had it in his pocket the whole time.
"OH MY GOD!" she screamed.
"I kind of need an answer here." he said.

"Oh yes... I mean... Of course I will" she laughed and he laughed. He placed the beautiful ring on her finger. "I am so glad you said yes, having you in my life was the best thing that ever happened to me.”

Steve had rented a private room in the restaurant. It was filled with beautiful red and white candles and they had soft music of piano played. She loved the way he looked in candle light. Just flawless.
"I wanted to make sure you remembered this day forever," he said.


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