Monday, January 31, 2011

A walk with you in the silence of the night...

I found you in my dreams and now I feel so complete
The only thing more perfect would be for us to meet.

I dream of you through the day, I dream of you through the night
When I dreamt of you first, it was love at first sight.

I am so deeply in love with you,  I never want to come down of this high
Together we have so much passion inside, that would never allow us to say goodbye.

I feel so lonely without you near, wishing to hold you tightly in my arms
So you melt  in passion with  your winsome beauty and charms.

I need you like the air I breathe, I love you with all my heart.
I will be here for you always, no matter how far apart.



SEPO said...

who is she? :P

Colours of boulevard said...

Your very first line of post is very interesting.... which made me read your whole post.Good job dude. ^_^

Beyond Horizon said...

Aha...I have no words to say How beautiful the post is!
Its not easy to Dream...and more over to believe it...Your words show the strength and faith of your Dreams :)

Romeo Das said...

@ Sepo -
Thanks :)
Don't know her yet, she is there in my dreams. Haven't seen her for real till now! ;)

Romeo Das said...

@ Colours of boulevard :
Glad to hear that you found my post interesting! Keep visiting :)

Romeo Das said...

@ Beyond Horizon:
Those words of appreciation means a lot to me. Its true, to dream is not an easy thing and moreover to believe in your dreams is even more tough! :)

Thanks a lot for dropping by! :)

DOPS said...

thats very romantic =D

Romeo Das said...

@ DOPS :

Thanks a lot :) Keep visiting!

simran said...

Beautifully expressed!

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