Saturday, June 5, 2010


Yesterday I spent the full day with my girl,
What a feeling it was to see her smile and blush,
We were two birds free to explore the skies,
It all felt so beautiful and nice.

I travelled 7 hours to meet her now,
My heart beating faster and now time was slow,
I called her and told her I am here,
The joy and excitement had to be there.

Then she came from the back to surprise me,
Wow!! More beautiful than any girl I have ever seen,
She smiled and hugged me with all the love,
The skies were celebrating the union of the doves.

Her eyes mesmerized my senses hypnotized,
Her smile was a beautiful poem unexpressed,
Her blush made a new meaning of beauty,
I was like the priest and she my Goddess-deity.

We talked all day and all night long,
Her voice was like the best ever heard song,
Her touch made me feel warm and secure,
What a feeling it was to be with my dear.

Feelings and emotions for her, hidden inside,
Further rules I couldn’t abide
I kissed her tender lips, slowly, I motioned toward her,
Holding her close to my heart.

Softly, I bring her head to mine,
Faintly whispering the only words that come to mind,
"I love you."


Phantom said...

Howdy.... Found my way here through my blog. Love the post :)

sepo said...

liked :)

Gyanban said...

Nicely of the things about romantic poetry is that there is so much of it around that it is hard to come up with some original.I think your lines hold a certain amount of simplicity in them and yet creating the right mood.

Mahesh Kalaal said...

lovely poem......romantic flavours.

Nethra said...

Nice! :)
Din't know that you write poems too.

Leo said...

really beautiful poem! :)

all the best for BAT!

Leo - Hidden

Brijender Singh said...

True to your name,the post drips with the pure exhilaration of being with someone special(and given the pathos in your post,i guess its drawn from real life !!).
A refreshingly positive take on the topic and a wonderful read.

Mahesh Kalaal said...

emoting lines...
hidden explored and felt
nice one buddy:)

Amity said...

Why face hidden?

Beautiful poem I wonder why their faces must be hidden...maybe because of the prompt HIDDEN!LOls!

LOved the message!

Good luck for BATOM!

Siddhesh 'Ravan' Kabe said...

very nice post...nice :D

adreamygal said...

So very romantic , put in rhymingly best simple words !! :) Wonderful ! :) All the best for BATOM :)

The Painter ! said...


Hidden - The painter!


gud poem with a very wonderful picture..:)

sakhii•• said...

"Her eyes mesmerized my senses hypnotized"!!
nice songs on yr playlist!

Tzoulia Kadoglou said...

love this text :) it touchs me...

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I try to show my readers and visitors all the new styles and inspirations,not in words.Only in pictures. So have a look.

...You are welcome to be my new follower
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nitwit said...

lovely poem

Purba said...

Loved the line "her smile was a beautiful poem expressed"

Romeo Das said...

@ Phantom

Thanks Phantom !

Romeo Das said...

@ Sepo

Glad to hear that you liked it :)

Romeo Das said...

@ Gyanban

Thanks! Keep visiting.

Romeo Das said...

@ Mahesh Kalaal

Thanks Mahesh !

Romeo Das said...

@ Nethra

You are yet to know many things about me ;)

Romeo Das said...

@ Leo

Thanks Leo !

Romeo Das said...

@ Brijender Singh

Yeah its drawn from real life ! Thanks for dropping by :)

Romeo Das said...

@ Amity

Yeah its because of the topic 'Hidden' :P

Glad that you liked it ! Keep visiting :)

Romeo Das said...

@ Siddhesh 'Ravan' Kabe

Thanks Siddhesh !

Romeo Das said...

@ adreamygal

Thank you so much. Those words mean a lot to me :)

Keep visiting !

Romeo Das said...

@ The Painter

Thanks !

Romeo Das said...


Thanks for dropping by !

Romeo Das said...

@ sakhii••

Thank you ! Keep visiting :)

Romeo Das said...

@ Tzoulia Kadoglou

Glad that you liked it ! Will surely go through your blog .

Romeo Das said...

@ nitwit

Thanks Nitwit :)

Romeo Das said...

@ Purba

Thanks Purba. Keep visiting :)

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