Friday, October 1, 2010

Took my breath away!

I still remember every details of that night when it all started. Steve, a friend of mine had bought a house. It was an old house and it had creaks and moans. But the price at which it was offered, was very attractive and he could not turn down.

Steve called Ron and me to his place for dinner, a day after shifting to his new house. After dinner Steve invited us for a game of billiards in the basement. We played a game or two and then Ron and me decided to leave.

Took_my_breath_away1 A week passed by, but Steve never showed up. Whenever we called him up, he gave us some excuse and stayed back at home. Ron asked me, “Did you notice something unusual that night when Steve called us?” It wasn’t that I did not notice. That night Steve played brilliantly, every shot he took was perfect and echoes of clapping was heard after every shot he played. But I thought may be it was the sound produced by the clashing of the billiard balls. But Ron said, "Even I heard someone clapping.” The forgotten feeling of dread was suddenly back and it ran through my veins like poison turning my blood cold.

We decided to stay a night at Steve’s place and find out what exactly was going on and why a guy like him who always used to hang around with us stayed back at home nowadays. “May be he has got someone much more closer than we are to him”, said Ron. So one night Ron and me went to his place. It was clearly visible that Steve was not quite pleased by our presence. He greeted us with an uncomfortable smile. We sat for dinner. It was just three of us but we felt the presence of someone else there too. Suddenly I sensed a sweet fragrance, I asked Steve what fragrance was that, but he said, “ Fragrance? I smell nothing!” As soon as he finished saying that, a mild rush of air blew away the sweet fragrance.

After dinner we went to sleep. I could hardly sleep thinking about the fragrance. Suddenly at around midnight, Ron slipped into my room and told me Steve was not there in his room. Both of us came to the hall, we looked across the dimly lit corridor, but he wasn’t there too. Then we heard someone playing billiards in the basement. We went to see. We saw Steve playing, but surely he wasn’t alone. He was talking and smiling with someone we couldn’t see. We heard a female laughter. Steve looked happy and carefree like he was before. Suddenly Steve’s eyes feel on us. A gush of wind blew across our face and the room was quite again. Steve invited us to play with him, hesitantly!

It was nearly 2 A.M. I went back to my room. The next thing I remember was Ron calling me in the morning. While going back home we asked Steve about what was going on and that he can tell us all, but he said, “What are you guys talking about?” So we decided to leave. Just when I was about to open the front door, Ron asked me, “ Then whatever we felt and heard was just our misconception?” I answered, “Maybe.” Just at that moment, a female voice whispered into my ear “I AM HERE…….”  The feeling of fear slid down my throat like a cold steel blade taking my breath away!

This post is written for Blogeshwar and Anubhooti


Sourav C. Pandey said...


Sweta said...

Bhut..... :( how I will sleep now.

BTW a very nice read!

Ank said...

:) nice!! but m scared :(

Romeo Das said...

@ Sourav - :D

@ Sweta - Hope you dream about this now! ;) :P
Anyways thanks a lot for dropping by! :)

@ Ank - Thanks a lot! Scaring you was my intention! :P

Azad said...

Nice story Romeo!!!
I thought this particular topic would invoke many stories on these lines but only yours was up for it! And you did fantastic work!!

Cheers :)
Best wishes for the contest!

Md. Muddassir Shah said...

Ghost story.
I expected a lot of Ghost stories and romantic stories but you are th first one to use a ghost story to capture the essence of the topic.
Nice job

Romeo Das said...

@ Azad - Thanks a lot Azad! Glad to hear that you liked it! :)

@ Md. Muddassir - Thank you so much for visiting and liking my post! :)

amalbose said...

it was really good.. well written :)

the picture given was also apt

Keep blogging

Romeo Das said...

Thanks Amal! :)

Pratibha The Talent said...

really scary but well written post.

Romeo Das said...

Thanks Pratibha! :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, very well narrated... scary, am glad I read this at noon and not night!!!

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Anonymous said...

whoa! good that u chose a paranormal plot.. short simple n cool.. the flow was fantastic, i very much liked the narration.. the climax was a tad cold.. all in all a fantastic post.. so steve was dating a bhutni.. :P
I AM HERE.. why did she say that? she wanted to invite the guys for her wedding or what? :P

Pulkit said...

Interesting. I like your taste for details. Except for some minor grammatical mistakes, it's good :)

Aniruddh said...

Your description is really good and it also makes me panic..!! :D
Anyways, please visit my blog to:

umapoems said...

very thrilled me :)

Anonymous said...

Nice and thanks!

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