Friday, September 24, 2010

The Babri Masjid Controversy

The Ayodhya issue is a political, historical and socio-religious debate. The controversial issue of Ram Janambhoomi and Babri Masjid has always been a big influence on Indian politics for several decades.

The disputed land at Ayodhya in Faizabad district of Uttar Pradesh has always played major role in disturbing the communal harmony of India. The main issues revolve around access to the birthplace of the Hindu God Rama, the history and location of the Babri Mosque at the site, and whether a previous Hindu temple was demolished or modified to create the mosque.

babri masjid Can’t we strive towards Hindu-Muslim unity, rather than fight over such things which ultimately trigger the selfish motives of some political parties?

The fact is we have never endeavoured to come together to adjust our differences and to live as friends bound to one another as children of the same sacred soil.

Undoubtedly, India must remain a nation where respect for pluralism, for differences, for social variety is respected. No community should feel unsafe or unwanted. India does not belong to any single group of Indians, least of all to any group of religious extremists. It belongs to a mosaic of linguistically and culturally varied communities. Let us leave no stone unturned in turning the fragile unity of India into something deeper and more enduring. Let us create an environment where Indians can fight for a common good - for an inclusive vision that transcends religious frictions and divisions - that holds great promise for the vast majority. Let us once again dream as did the greatest martyrs of the Indian freedom movement and work for the systematic reconstruction of our society on a new and better basis.


Mehak said...

well said!! it is indeed sad how there are disputes and riots and chaos all in the name of God. :(

AbhiLaSH RuHeLa said...

Romeo... Well said.. I just loved th views.. A nice research and a nice justification of your saying.. I wanted to hear more about this topic from u.. try to write more.. It will be interesting..

Tavish Chadha( said...

very nice post buddy... but I trust the ppl of this nation... they will maintain peace, its only the ppl across the border that I am worried about..

Do read my take on the topic too.. click here


R said...

I love your post! Respecting each others differences and still getting along - that is the India my parents painted for me. My roommate is Hindu and we eat from the same plate! Her little temple is in our room and my bro and I perform our prayers in the drawing room. Shoot me ;)

deepa kashyap said...

God knows no religion but only humanity . no book says to worship god n hate the humankind but we do the reverse these issues are just an example of this.
But we can surely get over to it on the day when all youths will start thinking like this only n before fighting for their religion they respect their nationality !!

I-Ore Trading said...

Hi Romeo,

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Anil Kohli

We Cognize said...

Hi Romeo,
the issue is a very important one and I agree that India does not belong to any one particular group and all should be respected equally. :)

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