Friday, January 6, 2012

Destined to be apart…

Sadness to him, was not being with the one he loved
When they were torn apart, he felt like a part of him went missing
Certain things out of the blue now makes him cry for no reason
He feels empty inside, having no reason to smile.

Being without her, tears him apart from inside
Even though seeing him no one could ever guess
Loving her so much has become more than what he could stand
The longing to hold her, touch her and kiss her has become unbearable


Wanting her to know his love for her is real
He wouldn’t do anything to ever bring her sorrow or pain
All he wants is to see happiness and joy in her life
And giving her all that he is with no reservations

He gave her his heart, his soul for her to keep
Also with that his love, his compassion and friendship
He would be here being steadfast, true and loving to her
As long as she would want to have him, keep him close to her heart.



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