Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Each passing day without you...

Here I am, it is late at night and I can't fall asleep because you are on my mind
Tossing back and forth, staring at the ceiling, because you are not with me
I fight the tiredness, but at last, I succumb to falling into a deep sleep
As I arise, I wake up alone, with an empty heart without you with me
I wake up saddened, because I miss waking up hearing your voice.

I get dressed for work, I walk over to the dresser and recollect those moments of togetherness
The reflection in the mirror seems to have changed without you by my side
I sit alone sipping a cup of coffee, wishing you were over the phone with me
The lyrics of the songs never seemed more correct, I slowly sing along
Walking back home after the day's work through the crowded streets, I feel so alone


Counting the minutes, hours and days till I get to see you, time drags on slowly knowing I await you
My heart starts racing as the phone rings, it is you and you say "we'd be together soon my love"
I await the day when I'd finally see you, wrapping my arms around you, holding you close to me
Once again just you and I, the world would cease to exist for us and time would feel as though it stood still
Together two happy souls once again, as I take your hand and kiss your lips, a feeling I again want to feel.



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